Why does sometimes User Authentication not work properly and the login screen will not come out? Why can’t I see the video image using Windows 8’s Internet Explorer? How to Enable Check if the wireless radio is on 2. Packaging The Skyphone comes packaged in a clear plastic mold. Regards as the P-Paper, it is suggested to download the installation guide.

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The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against access to hazardous parts e.

We recommend please select “AES” encryption to run at How to solve the problem that my ODHD video color turns skyphond

This can be a remote AP, or a local client. All expired On-demand accounts will be automatically removed from the database after 15 days later when they get expired.

It is suggested to refer the installation guide, please read it carefully and configure your device for evaluation. While you are formatting hard disk 1, system will write the data into disk 2, and while you are formatting disk2, system will write data into disk 1. This must have been a last minute addition, as there is clearly no space within the Skyphone package itself. When the power goes off due to outage or something, will NVR restart itself?


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Click here airlivr installation steps. Please make sure you have properly enabled and configured motion detection region in the camera’s web configuration UI before enabling motion detection in the NVR. When the ICR is switched off, Infrared light will be allowed and images will turn into black-and-white mode by softwarewhich is more sensitive to infrared light. The only difference between Arilive mount and CS mount is flange focal distance.

If the camera image appears to be too bright and lose contrast.

What airpive I do if I have wireless connection problems? Shown as the picture. How to reset AirMax5N? How to Enable If the usb port is okyou can try to click the reset button on the skyphone to back to default. The C mount lens flange focal distance is How does the watchdog function works? Click the PDF file.

– AirLive Skyphone

Please click on the link to see the upgrade steps. If the IP address is on Internet, you must configure the Gateway information correctly. Please click the PDF file. Please restore your settings to default by press the reset button for more than 5 seconds.


Please go to “Server Setup”. Please check if these cameras can be search by IP wizard, first. This is truly dual streaming. Water projected in powerful jets It airlibe interface with the application, so that you will be able to access your contacts and also dial any number you wish.

Airlive skyphone 1000

Could I somehow create a profile on the FTP settings which will upload a jpg or any type of image every a specific time of period? If the sound from camera speaker is too low, which setting we can adjust? For airluve a smoother and stable video stream, we need to rearrange the video profile.

Why sometimes my PC ping AirVideo v2 and the ping take longer time?