Where to buy Gateway LTu Applying InputClass “evdev pointer catchall” [ Found 9 mouse buttons [ The very same pc monitor to which both ubuntu and RPi are connected is set by Ubuntu at x, and by Raspian at x of resolution. Case Logic Mini 2. Yes, it is true that pointing the cursor on the top of the screen gives control on it through the trackpad, but it doesn’t last for more than 2 minutes or so. Your Special Deals 71 key 2.

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The keyboard works just fine on Ubuntu Rii Mini I6 2. Applying InputClass “evdev pointer catchall” anoer I am pretty sure this problem can be solved by tweaking the xorg config.

Adding scrollwheel support [ And I am using the same powered usb hub advertised on the main site and linked to hundreds of times here: Rii T MWK01 2.

iPazzPort KP-810-10-BTT Manuals

That could solve my problem? Applying InputClass “evdev keyboard catchall” [ Where to buy Gateway LTu Putting it back caused the Pi to reset itself not sure if this is normal behaviour but when it pk-810-10a the trackpad was working fine. Vendor 0xc45 Product 0x [ Found 9 mouse buttons [ Org XInput Driver [ Case Logic Mini 2.


Buy today to avoid disappointment. Huge Discount Rii 2. I am going to chase data about it.

But I don’t see anything like that for rasbian. Palm Sized Mini 2.

ghz Rii Mini keyboard trackpad issues – Raspberry Pi Forums

Look Check Price HP 2. Wii Powerboard Video Games. Huge Discount Rii Portable 2. I will do this and post here the result, in the coming days. Found scroll wheel s [ You didn’t say what Distro you’re using but kp-810-110a this. If however you are using a wireless device then its fine, as the bluetooth adapter itself probably uses far less than mA.

Most of the times I try to use the trackpad, the cursor will jump down to the bottom of the screen and become stuck. When unplugging the wifi dongle and plugging it back the touchpad works perfectly. After starting kp-8810-10a, I was able to move the pointer with the though pad.

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My favourite constant 1. It’s worked perfectly ever since.


Rapoo Blade Series E 2. This was tested on raspian, since here we are given a text login and we write startx on the shell; the Fedora 17 has an automatic X start.

iPazzPort KP-810-10A User Manual – Download

I have Ubuntu on my pc and I haven’t tested the Rii there still. Surprising it didn’t work, it’s worked in all Distros I tried so far. I can still move it left to right, just not up.