Singapores too small to be able to bring in many brands Audio Input Jack The G2SG scored points in the benchmark with the following settings: Using The Optical Drive No, create an account now. The Asus G2SG is equipped with a mAh battery 71Wh , which provides mobile and power jack independent, but rather short use of the G2. The built-in speakers offer good sound quality.

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Depending on the game and load, the noise level can go from This is supported by the MB system memory, the fast GB hard disk made by Western Digital and an integrated Intel turbo memory module.

I ashs talk about Singapore but here in the States not a good deal. A reduction of the resolution to x improved the frame rate to 20 fps. The resolution of up to x pixel should be sufficient for gaming as well.

The test system achieved excellent points in the PCMark benchmark testand moved with this asys clearly ahead of numerous comparable notebooks. Although the Asus G2SG offers a wide enough possible viewing angle to provide a sufficient large working area while the notebook is used stationarythe image will change the more one moves away from the optimal viewing angle.


Asus G2SG. Worth it? | NotebookReview

However, increasing the resolution to the maximum of x y2sg the frame rate to No, its not worth it, there are better notebooks for the price. This is not a big problem for a gaming notebook however, since exciting games let the user quickly forget the fan noise.

The same case is used as in the known models G2P, G2K and it shows the same distinctive design features. An additional number pad is not included in order to keep the size of the standard keys comfortable large. Using Battery Power I really am open to more choices, however it seems that buying through the internet is gonna be a more costly option. Generally we attest the Asus G2SG sufficient gaming performancebut we wouldn’t really call it “the ultimate gaming notebook”.

Review Asus G2SG Gaming Notebook

The display is another strength of the Asus G2SG. But while the temperatures of the Model G2SG are slightly higher, the distribution of the surface temperature stays similar.

ThaladarDec 26, at 3: Listening To Audio Cd VedyaMar 18, Gaming Optical Mouse on Selected Models G2sv picture quality is mostly influenced by the subjectively noticeable high display brightness. Service And Support Special Keyboard Functions System Bios Settings Under load BatteryEater Classic test the battery depleted in maximal 66 minutes. Capital Lock Indicator Power Safety Requirement I think that the two models u mentioned are available in shops locally, will check it out, thanks!


Even with medium details and a reduced resolution of x pixel, it only manages Furthermore, the Asus G2SG contains the much advertised and hotly discussed Intel turbo memory modulealso known as Robsonwhich stores frequently used data and is supposed to offer faster access than the hard disk.

Notes For This Manual Macrovision Corporation Product Notice The game was playable, but effects would frequently cause frame drops. The input devicesespecially the keyboard, are well suited for office work and gaming. Microsoft Windows Keys Unreal Tournament 3 is another first person shooter in our test selection.