My car doesn’t run. Join Date Oct Beans Maybe the log will shed more light. You need to try and figure out why it won’t boot with nomodeset. Set up the XServer so it is using direct rendering to get as many visuals as possible. These include the following:

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This command should help: Examples of Graphics cards without Hardware overlays include but are not restricted to: We provide this list for the purpose of aiding our customers, but we can make no guarantees to the reliability, stability or availability of these components. The options to build the gcc 3. Radeon Family Geforce Series Although Maya may be used successfully on systems containing these Graphics Cards, only those specifically listed here have been tested.

Join Date Jun Beans 13, The time now is Alpha and luminance are not displayed in correctly in imageplanes. Do not use Sax2 when the proprietary Linux Graphics Driver is installed. Changing the contents of a panel several times consecutively e. In order to determine whether your system is qualified to run Maya and mental ray for Maya, you must have a qualified processoroperating systemgraphics cardand graphics driver.


Refer to the Package Generation installation instructions for more information. Sometimes the files are created correctly even though they do not play back with fcheck manually. Org configuration file xorg.

ATI Catalyst Display Driver 9.1 for Linux

Just saying it boots to a blank screen is about as helpful as saying, “Help. Alias is investigating many of these combinations, fireyl cannot currently support them. Alias has tested only drivers listed under each OS. Alias is aware that sound reproduction inside Maya scrubbing and playback doesn’t work on many sound cards on Linux.

ATI Linux Supported Devices – Phoronix

How to load appropriate driver for Radeon graphics card. The radeon kernel module is the correct one.

Exporting with the ,32bitclients attribute sometimes helps. The version used is OpenMotif 2.

All output onscreen is distorted in such a way that is stretched laterally, or equivalently, compressed vertically. October 16th, 4.

Reduced performance may be noticed when compared to the previous Catalyst 8. My car doesn’t run.

When using Maya Live, the startTrack initial image may appear very small, and the playblast may appear with no image. You 5v100 need to determine which graphics chip you have.


These include the following: Tags for this Thread amdgpunomodesetradeon. Video Cards without Hardware Overlay Planes There will be visual differences compared with Hardware overlays that may result in difficulty seeing or manipulating aspects of the scene or Maya interface.

At this time linx reproduction may not be adequate for your purposes. No action is required to use the proper library. Maya may behave very differently on superficially similar systems and while Alias will do our best to help solve problems that are probably due to operating system configuration issues, we may linuxx unable to explain or determine the cause of a problem.

The version that comes with XFree86 is compatible and works with Maya.