FHG 7 om hiHI: This means the purification from my flowers. This reduces the former figure by 5, the latter by As all over the East, such gigantic structures are believed to have been built not by human hands, but by supernatural powers. A fragment of silk, of an oriental pattern, was found still between its pages, and many bits of thread, tied to the outer margins of the leaves, project beyond their edges.

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R 1 1 ACtf: Afterwards Christ visits them and goes with them to see the dead ser- pent, Dillmann attempted to harmonize these antagonistic aims by the use of parentheses and brackets, retaining in 19 his edition, enclosed within the former, those redundant elements of the ancient version which had no right in the text, and introducing into his edition, enclosed within brackets, elements derived from the younger recension which were indispensable substitutes for the corrupted ancient text.

A I nhoD I hHli0o- 1 h’7ll. All the different forms of this tra- dition are given by Griinbaum, Lc, pp. How Pharaoh dreamed a dream. C item vv 21, 27 21 Tnt: Both from the relative anti- quity of these MSS, and from a comparison of the types of text which they contain with the LXX, it was a simple task to divide the four into two groups, with F and H forming the older, G and C the younger group.


When Mary’s ark reaches Axum, it is said to Satan: It is proposed in this paper to give: R 25 O-fl ri.

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I fDn t- fi. CG 3 rtAfl-fl s TIti: I hTTi 1 hA k i Uaof: R 1 ato Xlt: Now in the Tigre legend this is made the main reason: God’s will be done! But in Exodus they are exceedingly numerous. The religious law requires that the whole body must be put into the coffin, a law probably 39 inspired by similar motives as the religious duty among the ancients to bury all the body at the same spot. But when they said: This is by the chief corrector, perhaps the last of his work, but from this point forward it is common — a small but not very neat hand.

It runs ten lines into the third column, where beneath a line of black dots is a six-line note of former possessors, apparently in the same hand as the rest of the leaf.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can’t offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Then he turned in all [directions], but did not find any one whose colour was like his. Straight across the first page, above the first lines, runs the sentence, “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, the God of all spirit and of all flesh! Df -flA s] ‘A: Another example, which perhaps is less well known, may be cited from the religion of the pagan Galla tribes.


The details about this theft, about Mary’s ark and Michael’s ark, which do not occur in the Kebra Nagast, probably contain old tradition, but they seem to be a later addition to this story.

Full text of “Mikra’ot gedolot”

This will be shown by the following parallel columns: Upgrade your onboard video to a mb HD Radeon pci-ex card. But the history of the publication of the Old Testament text is almost summed up in the labors of one man, August Dillmann.

PH fhcgr CG Ch-rt: Ythe value of readings drawn from codices like G is greatly enhanced. It is known that in a number of other cases magical power is attributed to the blood of a dragon. And after she had become chief, she made a girl like herself [her] minister. As already stated, five fly-leaves are bound with the volume, of which three precede Genesis and two follow Ruth.