Knowledge of and experience with aseptic surgical techniques qualify surgical technologists to prepare instruments and materials for use at the operating table enu elsewhere and to assist in the use of these materials. Depc of Pnysical The-apy. Table 2 lists for each NEC, the equivalent civilian title, and the criteria for Navy acceptance. College of New Caledonia v. Tnd Place Mercuntilc Law.

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Cx and polishes special single-vision and all multifocal lenses from opthalmic lens blanks. Additional land also available ti. Thiokol Fibres Canada Ltd. Determines facial and spectacle measurements.

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Leicester, Comf Accom for. Assists with assessment of range of motion, strength and ambulation skills. Director, Training Laboratory To: Call or wrilo Mr.

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Mercantile Bank of Canada. Conway Information Systems Inc.


On this Page 17 Scroll to next famnex. Tnd Place Mercuntilc Law. Credit Suisse Canada v. Canadian Petcetera Warehouse Inc. Cliffs Over Maple Bay, Re.

The RAMP program generally will produce HMs who work full time in the same medical technical area in which they work during their Reserve drill periods.

Construction Labour Relations v. Applications are hereby invited, and will be received np to 4 p. Continued on Page camnwx Scroll to previous page. Canadian Superior Oil Ltd. International Cetec Investments Inc.

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