Even with an investment in an external microphone and wireless microphones, the tape picked up some background fuzz from the machinery and it took a lot of post-production work to fix it up. Please try again now or at a later time. It takes almost 10 seconds to swap a miniDV tape. I now narrowed it down to 2 options. MiniDV tapes comes in 60 minute or 80 minute SP mode lengths. It creates a file called “M2T”. What you can do to go around this limitation is make sure that the anamorphic bit of the edited video is set correctly, and under the export settings, export your final edited video using a lossless codec.

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Logging the clips can get a little tricky. I am not a fan of hard drive camcorders because of their known vibration and altitude issues and the extra steps required for video file hv3.

Fits most Canon Consumer Camcorders with large front-zippered pockets, two carrying straps with overlapping grip and a removable shoulder strap. NT And forgot tripod as well as to buy straight away.

Crashes occur quite a lot, so brace yourself. So investigate this before you splash out.

I’m sure that anyone knowledgeable about modern technology will be able to pick up on the menu system and controls within a day of owning it as I did. If you are proficient with Unix or AppleScript, you can write an executable script to automatically read caanon re-encode all. Also 10x is not 20x Is dvd sd the preferred choice, and recongised by most standard editing softwares?


Dvvhs new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Canon HV30 Camcorder –

As I will be recording long hours, the thought of carrying and buying many tapes for a dv camera isn’t ideal unfortunately. The HV30 is very portable, flexible video formats, shoots excellent video with good lighting and with the right settings does fairly well in low light situations. See any errors on this page? I’m not really sure why. You are posting a reply to: I presume you will be connected to AC power or have lots of optional high capacity batteries of some other sort of external power supply.

A few people have said to me the way to go is FinalCutPro? Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. Hi Boya, Firstly thanks for writing all that and yes it has dawned on me that the camera is just a part of the equation. We’ll see what happens when I make a Blu-ray with them.

If the Equipment contains a hard disk drive, Canon USA recommends that data stored on that drive be duplicated or backed up to prevent its loss in the event of failure or other malfunction of such drive.

Then when it is transferred to the computer it can be done into standard format.

Just when you think you know what you’re doing, someone comes along and reminds you how much you have to learn! The hard drive is merely a storage vessel. I’m ready to shoot my next music video with this little critter.

You said, “I have been canin the position of having a higher up thinking that something looks easy to do – and being assigned to the activity with an undersized budget. The tape is about one hour long, but the resulting file is reported as being 1 hour and 27 minutes by Toast. Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you VIXIA HV30 that you can purchase dvns.


It creates a file called yv30. I have put together for you a visual guide for the correct Vegas workflow with these kinds of files. This site seems to offer converting tool: Toast created a 35GB file, as it apparently really believed each tape was about an hour and a half instead of an hour each.

Problem with .m2t durations – Toast 10 – Roxio Community

This card is most important in order to be sure you are contacted right away should there be a safety inspection, modification or h3v0 recall under applicable laws or regulations. I am totally new to the camcorder world but I have done a few hours research on buying a camcorder for the small company I work for and truthfully I am still baffled by all the possibilities and complexities involved.

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