With some cameras, you may be able to reduce CPU usage by manually adjusting the settings in the Source and Format dialog boxes instead of letting the video driver software do it automatically. This can include menu items, button bars, and status bars. When you share a program and decide to allow someone to control it, remote users can use the File Open and File Save dialog boxes in your program to gain access to or delete files on your computer or network. The following coding and IT boot camp facts and statistics provide an introduction to the changing trends in education and training programs. If the host computer is sharing a program and is using bit color or lower , elements of the shared program or desktop that normally appear gray will appear green on remote computers. This brings up a window asking you to specify the application you want to share.

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The audio features in NetMeeting may work even if you get this message, but catpure might experience poor audio quality.

You have to quit your call and start over.

Suspicious Activity Detected

There are a few problems with audio: You may locate users through a directory or by entering the TCP address directly. Cameras that have a video-capture card use less of your computer’s processing resources than cameras that connect through your computer’s parallel port.

Although this note concentrates on how to share a PowerPoint presentation it’s important to realize that you can use NetMeeting to share any Winbased application. The default setting for video over a With a video capture card and video camera, you can send and receive video images over the Internet or corporate intranet for face-to-face communication during a meeting.


If you share a Windows Explorer window and allow control, and the person with whom you are sharing the window closes the window, all programs and windows that you open afterwards are shared. captire

Microsoft’s NetMeeting | Dr Dobb’s

Everyone in the meeting can see what is drawn on the Whiteboard. When you move the mouse, for example, they see the mouse move on their screen. I have some good news and bad news: You will need to contact your systems administrator. You can also use the video conferencing capability to take a snapshot with your video camera and place the image on the whiteboard for discussion or markup. From George Jetson to Star Trek, real-time voice and video transmission looked like the natural next step in personal communication.

If you have a dual or multiple boot configuration, you must install NetMeeting from within each operating system using separate folders. Using your PC and the Internet, you can now hold face-to-face conversations nstmeeting friends and family, and collaborate with co-workers around the world.

When you are in an audio conference using NetMeeting, a program that has nftmeeting ability to record sound, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, appears to be recording sound. If you are using the video features in a dark area, netmeetinh cameras causes your computer to become extremely slow hetmeeting unresponsive.

Currently we allow the following HTML tags in comments: For example, opening a video window while sharing a program can make it difficult for others to take control of the program.


To disable these messages, click the Tools menu, click Optionsclick Videoand then clear the Automatically send video at the start of each call check box.

This document provides dapture information and known issues to supplement existing Help and other NetMeeting documentation.

The following standards-based capabilities are integrated into NetMeeting: On the Tools menu, click Options. If you want to use it as a replacement for a regular whiteboard in meetings, you will probably want to purchase an input tablet or a pen mouse. You cannot drag an object onto a shared program or drag an object from a shared program to the desktop.

Which topic are you interested in? What is your job function? If your video device is not properly uninstalled and you have enabled video in NetMeeting, the remaining camera software may warn you repeatedly that it cannot find the camera. I could not hear anything, though others could hear me. When the host is in control again, the sharing interface and any programs shared by others reappears.

Data sharing, Whiteboard, and Chat might not work properly between computers with different language settings and keyboard layouts. Free download from web site. My experience with the directory has not been positive.

When in a call with a NetMeeting 2.