Nagulat rin ako sa tablet, P, but I think I’d rather save for a Graphire. I will attempt to bypass this circuits in the LP as shown by in yellow and maybe also try to bypass it in the receive section area in red i know it is an invitation to increasing receiver noise, but I still would like to find out. In the meantime, learn and explore, have fun, and be creative. The early Sveasoft and OpenWrt versions were also experiments on power and these led to curiosity by the community on what if? It produces an output of 27 dBm at 3. This renders some of the firmware incompatible.

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CDR-King Wireless Router

I Kick Ass Need Help re: Anyone tried their WiFi Antenna? X3ME15, One last question. Home Help Login Register.

However, there are some differences between the bootloader firmware among the different RTL devices. I have a nagging suspicion that we would find very little difference maybe more memory. If its a wired lan, i think you would have to set it to as an AP, so your wired lan becomes wireless capable as serixl.


Both have the same boards and the only difference is the markings and the antenna SMA connector. I think its the chip with the MX printed on it.

Sometimes, maling drivers ang naloload ng windows specially if you have other similar devices that uses the same chipset Logged http: Even the case color for the capacity is consistent with the product spec at the Kingmax website. In the meantime, learn and explore, have fun, and be creative. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism To steal from many is research.

LF: USB to RS Cable/Adapter |

Sa bridged, you share the same subnet. I want to increase my signal coverage and these are my choices. Bought a Kingmax PD07 8gb flash drive for P Guys I have a querry Which is better? Look at how fast this forum grew and is making adherents. CD-R king din yung device na gamit nyo? Logged Philippine Electronics Forum Re: And under sa option select “no direct access,only use win api” Sana makatulong However, some Linux router hackers managed to get around the differences and put their custom firmware.

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Lucky lang din siguro. So you mean na tapon na namin yung pekeng CDR-king namin???


That should punch my signal through without any boosters necessary. Wala kasingifo lumalabas sa Realtek site. We are all hobbyists here and Seriql for one agree with your point in having complementation in both reception and transmission. Plan to buy either 5dbi or 7dbi. I remember this suffixes because some uPs for some TVs maybe the same but differ in the suffixes. Wala naman mawawala, but ush to gain. The chips can still be identical in function.

March 25, April 02, You guys think its still possible? Manufacturers always like to do that.

You for one havemade major contributions with your own experiences and experiments and it has all given us a broadened ideas. Kaya gets kita bro, we will get to that too.