If this is the case then what cab would work good. What sort of cabinets do you use your woofers in? My name is mud. Garage Sale Search In. You’ll never have to worry about being short on midrange or highs again. This is for the sake of reducing load size when appropriate.

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Moray, any issue with them being 8 ohms? They should go down to 4, To accomodate the SH with attached M compression driver, you’ll need a total depth of at least 16″ inside your cabinet. I think someone else said they were “stupid loud”. It probably would not help to buy other drivers for these enclosures, since the drivers would probably no longer be matched to the enclosures, and you’d be worse off than when you started.

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Register a new account. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. By nico boomJuly 21, in Garage Sale. Posted July 30, The difference is equal to a doubling of the input power, I think. I have JBL ‘s to go with these.


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Though, if you’re already running two TD speakers per side four in totalyou’ve already got a little more than that invested to begin with. The MA can handle, at coompression most, watts program 8 ohmsbut on the SH horn it will be able to generate maximum SPL of dB that’s instant hearing damage at 1 meterso there’s no concern. Looking forward to this.

Actually, now that you mention it, it seems like those should be a very nice combination, less expensive than the SBS Forum member DJK has spoken very highly of the M, and based on his comments this combination would seem to be an excellent compreszion in a 3-way setup.

These are ultra fine low distortion drivers with low compression ratio,top performing mid drivers. The hp is a 2″ entrance.

Nico Boom comprrssion the same basic setup and was very pleased. With all due respect, don’t cross-post across forums. Sign in Already have an account?

If you have some bigger subs you can use at larger shows, then the TD might be good for the smaller shows. My Question is would it help me to replace drivers with other better drivers.


It probably needs to be crossed at about 3kHz and add the filter. I have JBL s, but the Beyma should work better because it goes lower. It would seem like a natural choice for the Elliptrac, but it mm200 an upper limit of 4 KHz and therefore needs a tweeter. You’ll still get good answers, since most of the members on here are professionals and those who aren’t are commubity pretty knowledgable.

Sign in Already have an account? ElectroVoice and JBL also offer some, but they would be much more expensive.

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I will be building crossovers from scratch I have transformers. It will be much louder than your TD cabinets but like I said, the TD are optimized for a wider bandwidth. Any aways I have four td they are playing and up.

This is for the sake of reducing load size when appropriate.