Oil — Yaer levanue Is it not absurd and counter productive to replace the “in- justice” of too few black reporters with the injustice of excluding people who are well qualified for the job and em- ploying instead one whose quali- fication is his dark skin? The sparkling fourth quarter per- formance. He concedes some of proceeds combined to reduce balance sheet. The association fell foul of the Lloyd’s authorities when it insisted that those who were to be chosen for their nominations should undertake to become mem- bers of the association. Jonathon Morris, a Chichester Orlando and, recently, a notable March- banks in Candida, depicts a Heathdiff not gypsy-like, not even dark, and ultimately too decent a young man to mean any one any real harm. The cuts affort engineers, admin- istrative and production staff at the company’s two factories in Bore- hamwood, Hertfordshire, and Dun- stable, Bedfordshire.

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The IMF said in a rare statement last night that it had been generally pleased with the progress made scr Brazil over the last two years in im- proving its balance of payments 88523b making structural adjustments to its economy. Tom Krause recital, Irwin Cage, piano: Kanfl j it A y: Plastics only has objects of plastic from salt- shakers to wireless sets from IffiO to I The current supply agree- ments between the two coun- tries guarantee Argentine farmers a minimum annual sale of 4.

Rural- countryside forms one group and the means at trans- port another, as do urban land- scapes and the maritime universe. Over a longer term, Tory support is now foe lowest since Aprilhaving fallen from 44J per cent last November. The Health and Safety at Work Act, which gave the UK its distinctive and in many ways unique safety law, is 10 years old this autumn.

After a run of dry holes Tricentrol has recently made-enough worthwhile discover- ies to justify its, current pending. Conjurors try tricks on it. The intro- duction of control regulations should be based on verifiable scien- tific evidence rather than being a defensive response to unsoundly- based public concern.


A new building will go up in Dartford to accommodate the new production systems and two leading UK consultancies, Inger- soll Engineers and PA Consult- ants, are undertaking major studies.

Constitutional reform is back— or ought to be back — on the agenda.

Yet is it also beyond doubt that Tricentrol has used shareholders’ money to expand with undue haste in the past The- dash into the UJ5. This follows the resigna- tion of Mr B. Ukraine from tbe 15th to the 18th century, organised by the new exhi- bition centre in-Florence and the Russian Ministry of Arts. He denies there are any areas he wants to chop; be wants only to trim In line with funds avail- able.

Two rounds of talks have failed to bring Government and guerrillas any closer on mhslHTtl Tf instead highlighting the hostility of the far right -and the army, and 1LS, coolness towards the talks.

France, to keep a tight budget This will mean that some pro- grammes are likely to face at The wiatw problem Is how to best a delayed start or a start mount a five-year programme at on a smaller scale than the Com- a tfmp of budgetary stringency missioned envisaged.


A further system to monitor the lime kilns at nearby Hind- low quarry is currently being designed by Field Electronics. For all your TWA v flights within America as t well.

Civil servants are in- hibited by Official Secrets Act from talking to ordinary people about what the administration is doing, even though most of what it is doing affects the lives of everyone.

The strike, which began on Mon- day, is over Austin Rover’s The latter, mean- while, have sought to define the limits or open activity and to encourage their sup- porters battered by three years.


The extra Texaco said yesterday that it couples with a combined. I dart freely in and out of Michael Meyer’s translation, much better than the Penguin one, more speakable.

Full text of “Financial Times , , UK, English”

Of ccr serving on the council 18 are drawn from the market, eight from the outside membership. The real problem In guaran- teeing a fair election here, how- ever, is that over the past five years, the FSLN has filled the Institutional vacuum it was be- queathed to a point where party — or, more accurately, move- ment — and state has become near synonymous.

An irate manager, Lionel Jeffries, declares: 8253b Davy McKee dct will enable BASF to extract sulphur dioxide from its power station emissions for diversion into further chemical uses. Activity has been boosted chleflly by ecr demand from export markets, with a particularly strong development last year in the all-important engineering sector which accounts for some 40 per cent of total Swedish industrial production.

The Bank of England declined to comment last night There were also signs yesterday that the Bank wps moving closer to agreement with a group of banks. Toyota said Its income from the investment’ of surplus funds amounted to Y57J50bh or about 20 per cent of its pre-tax income. Uncertainties in Germany about the Government’s intentions to im- pose emission controls on cars have led to such a big drop in orders that manufac turers are attempting to compensate by increasing exports to other European markets.

The House of Lords is also heavily under rural Influence. Spacers, Cheeeey Crunching and larly tight-lipped.