What scanner will let you scan directly to PDF? In the pop-up window, check the “Back side of page xx”. Click “Next” and the backsides will scan. Unchecking this box will not hide scanners that can accept imprinter units. For articles also include page numbers. I lost the CD that can with my scanner. In the Title field enter the title of the article or a description of the section, like “front matter” or “full issue” for whole issue files.

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I’d suggest going with something that will do decent OCR and has a database structure so you can search for specific documents. Compare Fujitsu Scanpartner 15C side-by-side.

Help Me Choose a Scanner, TWAIN/ISIS, necessary?

If anything needs to be rescanned for example, a page comes out black it can be done now by creating a PDF the same as before, but check the “Append To Current Document” circle in the “Destinaiton” menu of the initial window. Although this can be corrected in the next window, the auto-format for a flat-bed scan that comes up can be a hassle to change.

If you want to crop your document to a certain size, right click on any page and select “Crop Pages. Bulletin of Tibetology, Volume 3, Number 2, Junepp The HP looks ok, and should do what you want. I appreciate it very much. Then scroll down to the last page of the section and click on it while holding down the Shift key.


Help Me Choose a Scanner, TWAIN/ISIS, necessary? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Feeder Capacity ANY 1 10 20 25 30 35 40 50 60 65 75 80 The visioneer one scanpartmer ok, but my experience with fujitsh was limited to their old PaperPort scanners, which were a pain to get setup properly. For example, an issue of Ancient Nepal is designated as numbersso name the files:. In the Title field enter the title of the article or a description of the section, like “front matter” or “full issue” for whole issue files. This page was designed to help you find Fujitsu Scanpartner 15C quickly and easily.

Post-Warranty Advance Exchange Plus; restrictions apply. The scanner will scan these last page twsin first page and then collate them with the fronts.

No naming scheme you come up with for TIF files will work in the long run once you get past 50 documents, plus you can’t search through them.

ScanPartner 15C Flatbed Scanner – Fujitsu United States

It’s a really big deal if you’re doing several dozen. Advance Exchange Program also available; restrictions apply. Services Financial Services Why Lease? You may also want to change the brightness setting depending on the darkness of the text in your document.

With these types of papers, if loaded into the tray all at once, the auto-feed has a tendency to take more than one page at a time.


At this point a new window opens with some configuration choices. I lost the CD that can with my scanner.

ScanPartner 15C Flatbed Scanner

Select the first page of the section by clicking on the thumbnail of that page. Use underscores between information.

In the Author filed enter the author s of the article first name first then last name with multiple authors separated by comma or “and”. If the e-text center at some point purchases a newer version of Acrobat with higher compression, you’ll probably want to select that accordingly.

Wed Dec 29, 6: If a journal has a long title, sometimes it helps to abbrieviate it. Or, James Madison trans.

Change resolution to ” x ” dpi. Misfeeds can ruin the scan job because the pages will coallate incorrectly, which is not fujittsu fixed. Select “Description” from the left sidebar.

The plus side is you can have OCR text behind the scanned image, making it possible to search the document yet retain the tujitsu image.