This makes it very flexible, but maybe not so straightforward to configure. Originally Posted by Rakeris. Remember, these are the settings that work. An error report has been filed upstream. Minor versions or kernel and drivers!!

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Be careful with the dependencies Welcome to the Ubuntu Modems Group. It will be uploaded as soon as the drivers are successfully compiled an packaged.

Nrayever, my fingers are crossed! First, unpack the EP driver to a directory of your choice. Home Welcome to the Ubuntu Modems Group. You will be able to use a driver from the “restricted-modules” package, which should be installed by default. August 6th, 7.

Prerequisites You will need the following: Check out this forum post for another way to get packages using the LiveCD on another system with network connection and a CD burner: Module Intel not found. If you need help with its interface, go to “Help — Handbook” or use the online handbook here: Or, if you will you can go on-line and find a better way to do this.


Modems supported by the Intel536EP driver

You can also use the Gnome Modem Monitor and Network Monitor panel applets if you want to stop, start and monitor modem connections without opening the Networking GUI every time. Some knowledge on using the terminal also called command line. Modems supported by the Conexant drivers Note: It is possible to compile a working driver for Feisty Fawn Ubuntu 7.

Thanks to you I was able to!

Problème winmodem : hsf-hfc-smartlink ? / Autres types de matériel / Forum

Install required Ubuntu packages Download required files Compile the driver Install the driver Install required Ubuntu packages Ubuntu 5. Uncomment the following two lines to fetch major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the distribution. Some of these are 357ep as Cnet modems and have Ambient chips on board.

Your experience may differ. You can build them with the same commands as those shown for 6. This file is used as an interface to modem by all applications: Some of these are not supported under Linux, some are.


Stay tuned for more information. I have to move on with other things in life, and I am 537e; for everyone that I have gotten the chance to interact with along the way.

This can be accomplished thanks to the Linmodems.

You can use Synaptic or equivalent to check for installed packages. Every time you update the Linux kernel, you’re going to have to run through the “Compiling the driver” procedure below again. You will need another machine in order to do this, and a way to transfer data from the connected machine to the other one e.

Step 2 Then install hsfmodem: Installing Intel EP drivers. I did get a few errors but they didn’t matter in the long run. Examples options that you can try to add, if dialling does not work: All times are GMT