Kinda weird but it worked. I’ve been reading through as well as learning much and I learned where to get this system board information and model number. Have to check sata yet. Come home install everything. Any help to a solution would be greatly appreciative.

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SATA 1, 2 and 3 are actually all backwards and forwards compatible. Log in k9n6pm2-v2 Sign up. Your name or email address: Feb 19, 1. Feb 21, 2. Results 1 to 4 of 4.

Still have some more trouble shooting to do,but working out to be bad hard drives. Feb 23, 5. I’ve already played with the bios settings and nothing works.


Have to check sata yet. I have the sata drives hooked up and work right now with a windows install. If someone with significantly more technological know how can inform me if his computer has SATA 2 that would be terrific and I’d be honestly be grateful, or possibly there isn’t anything I could invest in such as PCIe card to perform as SATA 2?


A great place for help and reviews on computers, home electronics, cell phones, software and much more! March 2nd, Our network of websites: Yes, my password is: It seems to use SATA 1. So long story short found a blown capacitor on the mobo. So i have 2 sata drives 1 ide drive and 1 dvd drive hooked up,In the bios at saha showed no drives so unhooked the ide drives the sata drives showed up,powered off hook the ide drives up no drives show up,unhooked the sata drives the ide show up,So finally hook the 2 sata drives up and just the dvd drive install windows install the drives run the live update flash the bios,And still cannot get 4 drives to show satq.

So he can have maximum performance from the SSD. So i shut k9n6pgm2v2 psu off flipped it back on nothing. No, create an account now. Our community is here when you need help. March 29th, One ide drive wont’ show up in bios when hooked up by itself.


I am unable to purchase an entirely brand new system for him and this is less difficult and will keep him satisfied. Intel Architecture Day. Well sat down at my desk the other day logged on to my pc was doing some surfing pc just shut off.

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Do you already have an account? Feb 21, 4. Until such time as I’m able to manage a new system. Any help to a solution would be greatly appreciative.

Computer Details the doctor’s Computer Specs: All times are GMT Turn the pc on go to the bios 1 have 2 sata drives and 2 ide drives but had to let one of the ide drives unhooked to hook my dvd drive up no problem.