If you do not see yellow, magenta, and cyan, the cartridge has a problem. A button to release a page. Release the clip that secures the switches to free the cover from the printer. To eliminate a potential problem, clean the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. Move the banner lever next to the paper tray up and down a few times. Hi – My printer is 4 yrs old, never had a problem. Print goes psycho and begins the problem.

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The only way to really eliminate a possible bad cartridge [even if it happens to be a new cartridge], is to actually replace it, or test it in another printer that uses the same cartridge and was working ok with its own cartridges installed. Landscape allows you to print things that are not set up as printer friendly sites. Printer Fonts Font Included Type. I have tried 2 other hpfj with same result. I am back to square one where I did 8122c find HP’s instructions helpful see my previous post.

I have been able to print everything else. I went back and tried to reinstall xp driver for it, tests fine but this is what happens.

Thanks so much for any advice and help. Clean the electrical contacts on the cartridge and carriage with a cotton swab and alcohol.


Clean the contacts in the carriage and on the cartridges with a paper towel dampened with water. Use new dry Q-Tips 81c dry off all the electrical contacts after cleaning My sanity is worth more than the remote chance my computer will get screwed up.

I returned it to the store and got a new one.

HP Deskjet 812c – printer – color – ink-jet Series

Click on my name and email me. I tried it and no color comes for the new cartridge. Turn the larger gear to free the carriage. I need hpcj power cord for this model. My printer won’t print yellow, or any other color that has yellow in it.

hp deskjet 812c

I turned it off and back on. It then keeps telling that assembly to keep moving and can even cause it to slam into the end of the printer, when it gets real dirty and dry.

Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills by Justin Yu. Second problem is that Win XT does not recognize the HP c printer only the c the so I am using the c driver but every time I boot up I get a “new hardware notice”- I have tried listing as an c but still get that agravating “new hardware” notice.

Because the envelope is so much thicker and different stock, its harder to feed-in correctly. Is there a way to get the roller assembly to freely roll for this operation? I have a Windows XP. It is also available as a Rubber Roller Rejuvenator Pad, which is cheaper to purchase: I got an error Pry up and the cover will release. Then lube the metal bar on both sides of the holder assembly, slightly with a precision oiler, not a spray lubrication.


812x a great printer.

HP Deskjet c – printer – color – ink-jet Overview – CNET

Glad to hear I am not the only one! I’ve noticed the ‘problem’ ever since I began using color HP inkjet printers.

Unfortunatly, that is usually not practical, unless you know someone that has the same printer or uses the same cartridge in their printer When printing in the landscape mode the left side of the photo 812x the top margin the right the bottom margin.

How hpdjj I check that? The first two light blink on and off and when I try to print it tell me something is not connected and I need to know what else need to be connected.