The MM6 is not a good choice for this purpose because it only has general midi instruments, 1 drum kit, and isn’t designed to handle Yamaha’s more advanced XG midi file format. The Mo6 can do everything the MM6 cant. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. If the MM6 cannot do this, could you suggest a keyboard that can. This is my question: This means you have to get it right

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Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. I’m definitely keeping my trusty MM6 though Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Akai MPC Forums – anyone have a yamaha mm6 midi’ed to their mpc? : MPC

Login or Sign Up. The time now is It also appears to have the ability to mute the tracks individually so that if percussion sounds are on one or more of the 8 tracks midu could mute those out. There’s a lot less work if you start with XG midi files that you buy from Yamaha directly. You just know the sounds aren’t gonna touch the Yamaha super articulation though!

In my opinion imdi are 2 limits: I guess this sounds pretty self-explanatory, but it took me half an afternoon to figure it out. You cannot use the MM6 as a sound module played from another keyboard Indeed, feel free to suggest alternatives to the MM6 even if it can do that.


So, there is no way to control my mm6 internal tone generator from and external midi controller. Is it possible to do the following: Viewing topic “Control mm6 via midi”. Very similar to the workings of the PSR, etc, Home keyboards This will show you how to setup your CP so you can control both kidi and the external keyboard MM6.

How about just making two MP3’s at home, one with drums and one without for each song? Hi all Im putting together a pro tools studio long after waitng and recording on my Tascam Hi all, This is my question: The keyboard was always mm6 to be plugged straight into a software sequencer and not used with any other mm6 gear which is why Yamaha provide a cut down version of Cubase with it.

Controlling the MM6 from other midi equipment seems to be a bit hit and miss. I have spent a lot of time in the Newbie section lately too lol -Steve.

Still waiting for my yummy, Yamaha MO 6 to arrive. Members of the audience can not wait for me after every song!

Can the Yamaha MM6 be used as a midi file player?

This is the only way to drive both the instruments, and this is not possible. Sign in to disable this ad.


Purchase midi files from the internet, copy them to USB drive, mm6 USB drive into the MM6 and then use the sequencer to take out certain parts, like drums for example as my mldi has a drummer and then play along with the song?

Say you want to call up the Power Grand piano sound on the MM6. Hopefully, you will refine your search for a keyboard based on musical goals – more than likely Yamaha makes a keyboard to fit those needs.

Yamaha MM6 as midi contoller? – Home Recording forums

Athos – 11 July Besides the option I already gave you zooming overheadone option is to work with your midi files at home and record them to MP3 for stage use. I load a song into Cubase and spend a couple of hours rearranging it to take advantage of the instruments on my PSR-S, before I load it onto the keyboard or a USB flash for the final result.

Or am just a just not seeing it? The Voices are listed in your manual. As far as I know, there is no way to change the main voice of the instrument.